Photo by Brianne Reynolds - me and Nice Guy, my OTTB, at his first horse show.

Photo by Brianne Reynolds – Nice Guy,  (Lucky) at his first horse show.

Hello horse junkies,

I thought it was time I wrote a few things for my fans out there. I’m Holly’s off-track Thoroughbred. I’m not in the Trainer’s Challenge taking place over at Pimlico… Just thought I’d let you know I am cool, nonetheless, and occasionally I get to write a blog post.  I’m not a show horse (yet). I’ve done a dressage show and got a blue ribbon, though.

I’m Holly’s inspiration and “savior” but honestly, I’m just a horse. I really don’t like anything but food. Grass, grain, hay, and water. They’re the best and the things that motivate ME. All the rest, meh. Oh and cookies. And carrots and apples. Are there any other treats in the world as good as these? If so, I’d like to know, since food is my thing.

As far as Thoroughbreds go, I think I’m pretty spiffy. I have a good trot and good canter and working on walk. In the year Mom has been riding me I have learned to halt and stand still. I would like to see if I could foxhunt for her and hope to get to try it a little bit this fall. I don’t know about trail riding. Too many bugs. I don’t know about jumping. Too many things to do but I am a very good jumper.

When the air gets crisp and the sun goes down fast at night, I feel frisky. I don’t know why, I love this time of year! I have lots of grass to eat, I can be out of the barn a lot and I love to bug Mom for more fly spray or grain when she comes to get me. I like the neighborhood, it’s busy at night when she rides — the little girls next door play soccer and football and with pool noodles and climb trees and swing, and the people on the other side mow the lawn, chop wood, fire up that darn motorcycle and ride it around, and do other stuff that is all very interesting.

Feeding is supposed to imitate grazing….little amounts, often.

Me and Rugby doing my favorite activity – eating.

There is a guy who rides a bike down on the road and has a big pit bull dog that goes along with him on a leash. That’s very interesting. I get to down to the end of the drive and get the mail sometimes and we see things that are moving in the woods. Could be monsters. Not sure. Not sticking around to find out, frankly. So that’s what I do. I hang out with my pals Indy, Hamish, Little George, and

Odie and I, we talk about food mostly. Well, I talk about food mostly. They talk about eventing and what racing was like, and other stuff.

I look forward to another horse show, there is talk about an “event”, that has three things I have to do but I am not sure what they are…. Dressage might be one and some kind of trail riding maybe. Oh and more jumping. I can handle it, I think. As long as there is good hay in the horse trailer and enough for the ride home, I’ll go.

I like fall. It looks like fun to me.

— Lucky

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