Horses in the mist - like my memories as a child of watching out the bus window at horses in the field! Dreaming they would be mine someday.

Horses in the mist – like my memories as a child of watching out the bus window at horses in the field! Dreaming they would be mine someday.

You’re a Horse Junkie and you love horses, all about them, everywhere, anytime. When your school bus goes past that pasture every morning you never fail to get a window seat so you can see the horses grazing. When your Mom or Dad are driving down the highway, you get the biggest thrill when you go past the stable or see a horse in a field. Oh yeah. I was you.

You can’t wait to get on the internet every day and check out your favorite equestrian websites. Yeah, I was you. And I now have horses in my life every day but I remember when I couldn’t wait for the Sunday paper to come and would wait for my turn at the sports page to read the racing results and dream about the names of those horses.

So here’s what I think you should do. Don’t waste ALL your time dreaming! Start with your internet time. Check out Horse Junkies United every day, and then….start your equestrian education. Go to The Horse and Equisearch every day. Those are general equestrian sites that offer education, articles, news and help articles that will educate you about horses in general. Then, go to your favorite specific breed or discipline sites – USEF for competition, USEA for eventing, USDA for dressage, or reining, saddle seat, Arabians, etc. Every breed registry has a website and most have good educational articles about their breed along with a news ticker or blog of some kind. Use these as a stepping off point to finding something out about your favorite breed — check them once a week. Every discipline and breed has a championship competition — know which one it is, and where — and check that website about once a month and daily as the time nears for the event. For instance, I like eventing so I start looking at the Rolex Kentucky Three-day event website (which takes place in late April each spring) about February.

I love videos but YouTube is not good with a “horse” search; you’ll get a lot of things that many parent-restricted computers won’t be able to see and are inappropriate. Better to to to the videos you like through a portal like the breed organization or blog link.

Store you favorite videos, clips, digital pictures and files on a thumb drive or storage device, too; don’t let a computer crash take your stuff!

Boxes of old horse pictures that are precious to me.

Boxes of old horse pictures that are precious to me.

There are lots of free horse things on the internet, and visit The Gutenberg Project for free online books, including the classic Black Beauty and other horse books. Read the classics — National Velvet (my favorite), Black Beauty, Xenophon, The Black Stallion series, books by C.W. Anderson and Marguerite Henry. I practically memorized these and my copies are dog-eared and worn and now, 50 years later, I STILL periodically take them out and read them.

Stalk horse books on Amazon and other sales sites and when used copies come up cheap, see if you can get them. Search “horse” or “equine” on a regular basis. Many out of print editions occasionally are offered at Ebay, too, keep an eye on the horse stuff at Ebay. It’s all in the Sporting Goods section, under Outdoors – Equestrian.

Create a notebook. Save pictures, articles, items, and other things that are important to you and create memories! As soon as you fill it up, start a new one. As you get older, they will be put away and when you get my age, you can return to them and the memories will flood back. I love mine.

Every Horse Junkie has their own favorite places to go on the internet, and their own favorite horse or breed. It’s OK to love your favorite! I still love to look online at my favorite horse stuff, and I own my own horses and am old now – yet it never ever goes away. I’m a Horse Junkie for life! 🙂

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