Barn drama.... photo by Tina Dube

Barn drama…. photo by Tina Dube

Wow!! Thank you everyone for your support and validation on my post last week “How Not to Make Friends At A New Barn“. I was so unsure if my feelings were correct or if was I acting like a child. My husband told me I was over-reacting.  I took that night to collect and cool down. The next evening, I arrived at the barn ready to do battle but found myself all alone.

I could never touch, move or do anything to anyone else’s stuff no matter how tempting it was. I’m just not that kind of person. Since I knew first-hand how hurt I was… “Two wrongs don’t make a right”, so I took the high road.

I moved most of my tack to my truck, then I groomed and readied the mare. I was about 10 minutes into my ride when the new boarders infiltrated the arena in a mass force. Their invasion of the tack room was nothing in comparison to their arena behavior.  After trying to ‘man’ up and ‘ride on’… I decided I valued my horse too much to put her through that, so I left.

I was fuming and my trainer had just arrived so I spoke with her about the situation with my tack and the frustration in the arena, and she insisted I speak with the barn manager.  I did and was promised he would handle everything.

Throughout the next day, my concern whether I would or should be able to have my lesson grew and grew. It is very sad when something that you love and is supposed to be fun and relaxing becomes a source of stress and anxiety. On the way to the barn, I almost took a valium to tame my apprehension but chose not.

I decided I was going to handle this like a big girl.

Upon arriving at the barn, I walked into the tack room to find the barn manager. My trainer had cleaned out a corner and had moved what tack I had left behind into this area. They went so far as to set up everything very nicely; my saddle pads over shelves and hanging areas, and they designated this area as mine. It was a very warming gesture. I felt bad that they went to this much trouble just for me.

I found out there were plenty of others at the barn who expressed concern about the new people’s behavior and the barn manager has been in the background observing and has planned a meeting with the new trainer.

I still have guilt that I got so upset over this. I never like to be a total high maintenance brat. I do hope the dust settles and everything is sorted out fast because it’s a real good barn.

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