My husband and I have been together 30 plus years and I was pretty sure we knew each other very well.

Now that we have re-relocated back to our home area after 15 years of living all over the place, he is enjoying the ability to spend quality time with old friends and family.

Last weekend, I got home from the barn just in time for an important football game and since I support the green guys, and the husband and his guests are in favor of the blue guys, I chose to busy myself elsewhere in the house. I have a low tolerance for football morons. GO GREEN!!!

Anyhow as I was sitting quietly in another room, enjoying the effects of a good team beating the tar out of their team, I was able to overhear parts of a conversation my husband was having with his old friends:

“Yes, my wife rides horses.”

The boys seem to be really interested in the fact that I ride and have horses, so the questions began to fly.

Guys – Does your wife do like those women on TV where they run around barrels at top speed or does she jump over fences and pools of water?

Husband – NO! She rides Dressage.

G – What’s dressage?

I listen and try not to laugh out loud as the husband attempts to explain dressage to a bunch of guys, then I hear…

H- It’s like watching grass grow, only more expensive.  In terms of sports, it is as exciting as curling.

G – Do horses really die if they lay down?

H – No, hers sleep on their back all the time.

G – Do horses get cold in the winter?

H – Not hers, they have more coats than I do.

G – Why can’t you keep the horses in your backyard, then you won’t have to mow the lawn? That would be sweet not having to mow the lawn every Saturday. We could play more golf.

H – Wife won’t let me…. She says she HAS to have an indoor arena.

G – What is it like driving those big things around in that trailer?

H- Wife won’t let me, she drives.

G – Does she have whips and wear those leather boots?

H – Yeah, and she smells like horse, hay and dust all the time.

A quick sniff and a look in the mirror and I decided wasn’t a good time to waddle though the house wearing my old State sweatshirt.