Last years' Christmas naps. The boys are not impressed with my holiday shopping prowess.

Last years’ Christmas naps. The boys are not impressed with my holiday shopping prowess.

Yes, horse junkies, it is November. Late November. You do not have the luxury of time at this point to shop for your holiday goodies, so sit down and get busy!

My annual online shopping guide is coming soon, but I need your help. I’d like to know what online retailers you guys are using. What company is your favorite to order from? I’m going to see what sort of deals and steals they will have online for all horse junkies everywhere just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so please put your favorites in the comments at the bottom of this page.

While my horses want for nothing, and have everything they need (NOT), I’m always looking for comfortable stuff that helps me A) stay in the tack, and B) can be washed in the washer with anything else. Sadly there are few items of apparel in the fancy catalogs that can fit within those parameters, so I end up in Walmart yoga pants. (Yes, I admit it. Although I look like a nuclear-reactor-meltdown piece of fruit in them.)

OK, so let’s go over the Christmas list, then. Are you looking for outerwear? (Can never have enough barn coat/vest/layers.) New tack? New saddle? Are you a saddle pad “ho”? (Please. I am now up to 29. Last year as many of you recall, the count was only 23, so for some reason six more pads materialized this year in my tack room for which I am truly sorry.) How about just a new grooming tool, small, not too expensive, but so nice in your hand and your horse is so happy to feel that brush on his back. Little things can be very important at the holidays, so don’t overlook just the small or thoughtful gift that makes someone’s day, like a horsehair bracelet from their favorite horse, or a set of brass engraved halter and bridle tags to put on their tack. Oh my… it’s fun to shop, isn’t it?

That is one of the reasons to love the holidays — not only the opportunity to shop, but to give.  In addition, I’m the Queen of Cheap, as you all know, so I’ll also provide those of you on a budget with some inexpensive but delightful things you can make yourself at home out of what you might have in the barn or house that are really special and fun. Just call me Stable and Farm Martha Stewart. (On second thought, that’s OK, don’t call me Martha Stewart. She’s just weird.)

So you have some homework. Get your Christmas list together and think about who needs what and what you can give, and then check back here at HJU for the annual shopping blog! We’ll be ready for you! (And don’t forget your online store suggestions for Black Friday & Cyber Monday below – thanks!)

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