It's much better with love. photo by Cheryl

Give thanks by giving. photo by Cheryl

A few years ago, I told you all about an out of the blue email I received from a former student that I worked with when she was a young girl.  (Read  “Take A Moment To Thank Someone Who Brought You To A Horse” here.)

Well, the other day I received a new email from her thanking me yet again. And this time, she informed me that because of me she is now attending an Equestrian College, preparing for a career with horses. She wants to help young troubled kids by introducing them to horses, “like you helped me” she said.

She came from a family where women’s sole purpose in life is to breed, clean and cook. She was raised in love but never given a lot of options or confidence in herself.  Horses did that.

A few weeks ago, I took a co-worker to the barn with me. She had had a serious accident resulting in a complete hip replacement, back surgery as well as suffered effects from a closed head injury causing balance issues, among other complications.

Horses had been her passion as a child but she never thought she would be able to ride again. After getting the OK from her doctor, we started out nice and slow and the smile on her face was the best gift I could ever receive. In just a short few weeks she is in less pain, moving much better and is excited about life again. All because of a horse.

I could make a list a mile long thanking the many many people that have inspired me, helped me, supported and encouraged me in my insane addiction to horses (you know who you are and I love you), but instead I am challenging myself to pay it forward in their honor and hopefully, a few of you readers might be inspired to bring someone to a horse.

Whether you read a child a story about a horse, trailer yours to a care facility for an ill or elderly person to pet or take someone on their first trail ride you will find more joy in sharing your passion and knowledge than giving a cheesy Thank you card. Remember someone took time for you; think about giving thanks by giving.

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