Could This Be Our Destiny?

Could This Be Our Destiny?

I catch a glimpse at myself and my partner as we move in the wall of mirrors. We look decent moving together. My whip is positioned just at his behind. My spurs are giving him just the slightest reminder that I can use them at any moment. I’ve already let him know who’s boss and he’s near submission.

Just then, from the distance I hear, “move with him, flow with him, make sure he’s centered beneath you, do you feel that when your seat rises, he falls flat?”

Cue reader surprise: Wait, what? Am I reading some trashy novel? Did you think, “am I on the right page? Is this Horse Junkies United?”

Yes, you’re on the right page.

No worries, reader, that is just my dressage trainer, Laura, trying to help my find my First and Second Level canter seat on Carter.

Seriously, though, finding my canter seat has been a bit like a torture novella. We’ve spent countless hours over the past few weeks on transitions, from the walk, from the trot, some good some embarrassingly terrible. I’ve been on the lunge line this week, too. Spurs on, spurs off. Some days, some multiples of days, are great to the right. The next day will be terrible to the right and great to the left. Some days I can’t find my center at all, leaning too far forward, sideways, but not quite where I need to be.

Yesterday, we had a bit of a revelation. Not only was I centered, but Carter was feeling great. Forward, ready to work, and finally connected with my quirky, and not always convincing cues and we captured a few moments prepared to take on our next level in 2014.

2014 when Christian, whoops, I mean Carter and I will boldly take on First Level and all the whips and spurs will be ours.

For now, I curl up, tightly grasping the moves we claimed this week and surrender myself to a sweet dream of that USDF Bronze Medal I see in the future.

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