The best way to keep a hose from freezing...

The best way to keep a hose from freezing…

HJU reader Kelsy Flewitt sent us this fun blog post about all the brave souls who have to stay up North in the winter…

5 Signs you Work in a Barn in the Winter:

1. You have three pairs of gloves, a pair for doing water, a pair for when the ones you wore doing water with get soaked and then freeze, and a pair for riding.

2. You have perfected layering, there are separate layering configurations for mucking out, sweeping and turning out and you’ve got them all down pat.

3. You never go to the bathroom. The amount of work required to negotiate all the layers from your bottom half is just not worth it.

4. You know exactly (to the degree) what temperature the hose can stay hanging in the barn, or if it needs to go into a heated room for the night.

5. You are an expert ice smasher and have your own personal technique, no frozen water bucket or trough stands a chance.