My trainer, Laura

My trainer, Laura

“Sit in the middle”

I often hear her say.

“Use a 10-pounder”

and he’ll move your way.

“Inside leg to outside rein”

she doesn’t lead me astray.

“Keep your hands still”

much to my dismay.

“You have a whip and big spurs”

I hear it each day.

My trainer, Laura, is often kind.

She knows what she’s doing.

She was quite a find.

Her knowledge is vast

and her skills refined.

She doesn’t yell much.

Or often lose her mind.

She keeps me moving forward

Not in reverse or rewind.

The story of Carter and I

is yet to unfold.

We’re working on a freestyle

or so I am told

One day we’ll surprise her

and earn our medal of gold.

It will be a something,

surely a sight to behold.

Let’s hope we get there before long

or we might be too old!