HJU bloggers Amy and Cheryl at Rolex

New friends: HJU blogger Amy and me at Rolex

It’s the morning of December 24th 2013, I am at my desk in my office sipping coffee and reviewing numbers, readying for year end. My list of prep work is long but since I am the only one in the office my mind keeps wondering. Here in the quiet of this building I get thinking… it really wasn’t an eventful year. I didn’t get much accomplished yet the year went by in a flash.

My list.

I became a sock sister, lost my faithful and so love dog to start the year out. At the barn, we had a people baby and two horse babies; we lost three horses in three separate tragedies. My daughter got married. I got a new puppy.

Horse Junkies United was named 2013 ESMA “Best Blog”.

In April I got in my car and drove 10 hours to meet up with a group of people I only knew from the internet, in other words I went to Rolex to meet other HJU’ers. I also worked as a volunteer at Rolex and got to meet a ton of amazing people. I even had my picture taken with David O’Connor. I was introduced to Bourbon Barrel Beer, as a non-beer drinker I’m in love.

Peter Atkins picks up a Horse Junkie at Rolex

Peter Atkins picks up a Horse Junkie at Rolex

Inspirational words of wisdom, came from Peter Atkins,  as he told the story that when he rides cross country he balances himself on his horse and then closes his eyes; the horse knows what to do. It’s when the rider interferes things go bad. I’ve spent the remainder of the year learning to not micromanage my mare and we have made great strides.

With a lot of help and a huge thank you to SmartPak for the $200.00 gift card I was able to splurge and buy a pair of Dubarry boots and huge thank you to Mountain Horse for the amazing coat. I am one stylish, warm and dry barn rat.

I got a new job 354 miles south of where I lived, just so I can afford to go to WEG 2014. My husband and I sold our house, packed up and moved. Found a new barn and trainer.  I ran a Warriors Dash and lived. We are still looking for a house for the people but the horse is happy in her new world.

Other than as a spectator I did not get to one show this year with my mare. I was unable to attend any clinics, but I live streamed and chatted at some of the top events all across the country thanks to Horse Junkies United and USEF Network.

All in all it was an amazing and full year. I am so looking forward to 2014.


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