Local shows are great but they need volunteers!

Local shows are great but they need volunteers!

Having worked on horse show committees and as a volunteer at horse shows for …. oh… decades, I can tell you that it is getting harder and harder to run them with volunteers.

In my beginning adventures to horse shows, I remember the ladies who did all sorts of things for the show and for the competitors.  Some were moms of kids riding in the show, some were ladies who used to show and some were riding in the show.   Now it is hard to get people to help, everyone is busy and has many things to do.  I believe this is true but I also believe that there is a different psychology of wanting to give their time.  I think people think that someone else will do it, and it doesn’t have to be them.

Here are some of the most interesting reasons I have heard for not volunteering to help.  Keep in mind it is a half day shift which includes lunch and a little gift for scribing, running test, whipping in, scoring tests and handing out ribbons and prizes.   Also picking up or dropping of the judges to the show and sometimes taking them out for dinner.  Not all the jobs are during the show.

I would love to volunteer but…

1. I have to ride.

2. I am helping my friend who is riding in the show.

3. I helped last time.

4. I was hoping to ride in the show – and then if they don’t, they say they booked other plans.

5.  I just wanted to watch this time.

6. etc, etc, etc…more excuses

I urge all of you to help out at a show.  It can be done; many hands make light work.  There are jobs that can be done the weeks before the show, there are jobs that can be done at the end of the show day.  All of these things make for a great show for us riders, so if we are not going to help ourselves then who is going to put on our shows and make them great?

Just a thought….