Pippi and I have had sporadic opportunities to ride due to weather and the Holidays. Although infrequent the rides have been pretty darn awesome. We are finding our stride…..finally!

It’s been a year now since I started riding regularly. A great year! Pippi was very heavy in the reins when we first started out. Basically I was holding up the entire front end, but we now have self carriage and boy is that nice.

Malin and Pippi

Malin and Pippi

Monday night we were cruising along, working on smooth and energetic transitions up and down, and having a swell time. I passed the clock on the wall, checked the time, and saw the letter “B” on the wall under the clock.My head swung around to take in the entire arena, and lo and behold the “M”, “C”, “H,” “E,” “K,” “A,” and “F” were posted around the walls. I was smiling from ear to ear. My Trainer had posted Dressage letters for me. Since no one else rides Dressage there, the other boarder rides Western Pleasure, this was done just for me. My Trainer has, in her words “a working knowledge of Dressage”, but has made a living riding, training and judging Western Disciplines. And so as I looked around and saw the letters, I was immensely touched.

Finding the right place for you and your horse is paramount to enjoying your hobby. I found mine by driving down a country road, because I had seen, on some website, somewhere, that there was a barn, or something, and the street address seemed familiar. No one had told me about this barn, even though I had asked just about everyone for ideas. No one had told me about this Trainer, even though I asked for that too. When I drove up, without an appointment, I was invited in and loved the place. I moved Pippi in, and when she was healed from the tendon in jury, asked if the areas most respected Western Trainer could teach me Dressage.

That makes sense right?

Well, turns out she trained with Kay Meredith, did several clinics by Bengt Ljungqvist, and was even a VIP guest to The Spanish Riding School once. So “Yes,” she said; “I can get you started.”

Those letters around the arena meant the world to me. My Trainer says “There is no substitute for time in the saddle.” Well, there is no substitute for the faith she has in Pippi and I either. And there is no substitute for taking risks and asking questions.