Geri and TImmy


Facebook has been rife with quizzes lately and I have taken several. What kind of food would I be? What state should I live in? Which character from “Friends” am I? The opportunities to test your personality type(s) are overwhelming. After taking several of these quizzes (Sandwich, New York and Rachel) I started to think, if my horse was a celebrity, who would  he be most like?

While this sounds silly, it wouldn’t be the first stupid quiz about horses that I’ve taken and I am not the only horse owner who can go on forever about what my horse is like. We tend to anthropomorphize on a regular basis and always think we know what our horses would say if they could talk, right!?!? So why not a quiz about which celeb he would be?

My first trainer once said of Timmy, if he was a human, he would be the guy in the black leather jacket. Was he Fonzie? No, but he did have some of those traits. What could I say about Timmy?

Where his looks are concerned, he is handsome in a non-conventional kind of way. The touches of white have spread as he has aged. He has a fairly good build but is not a conformational masterpiece. He isn’t skinny but he isn’t fat. He is just solid. He is always neat and trimmed. Shaggy does not become him. He is a snappy dresser, enjoying his many options where clothing and tack are concerned. While he likes being neat and clean, he is always up for a good roll in the mud.

His personality is quirky. He is very smart and will constantly test you. He is sometimes lazy and enjoys time off from work, but when he DOES focus, he is very good at what he does. He likes to lead and doesn’t take “orders” well. He must be asked in the right way or he will ignore you. He can be a bully and will try to dominate when he is with his peers. He looks for constant rewards and admiration. He is not a drama queen but knows how to stand out in a crowd. He has a very kind side and loves children. He also loves most people.

So given all these traits that I see in Timmy, who is the person that immediately comes to mind? BILL CLINTON!!! It never occurred to be before I sat down to write this blog, yet I have to admit, there is a stunning similarity. I may never look at either of them in the same way again and I’m not sure how I really feel about it, but that’s where my brain went.

Think about your horse. Which celeb is he/she most like? You may be surprised at the answer!!