Winter fun... for someone! Photo by Holly Covey

Winter fun… for someone! Photo by Holly Covey

All you hear, everywhere. “I want winter to be OVER!”

Well, I don’t. I like it cold. I can’t stand the flies in my mouth. I don’t like sweating like a pig in the barn. I hate sunburn. Here’s a couple of reasons I think winter needs to stay around a bit longer:

1. If the Canadians had any question before about how MUCH we Americans can whine about snow, this winter has removed all doubt.

2. Fresh snow does cover up the massive piles of manure, mud, wet soiled hay and blanket shreds in the field.

3. Breaking ice, carrying water buckets, lifting and carrying numerous other heavy items associated only with winter has definitely saved on the gym fees.

4. Co-whining over (insert any word relating to weather) on Facebook with friends is a great way to bond.

5. My horses have eaten more grain and hay this winter than ever, and have bright and perky attitudes to show for it. (Translation: they’re crazed monsters lacking exercise, are out of shape, have blanket rubs and are eating me out of house and home.)

6. My winter wardrobe has grown exponentially. I had one hat. Now I have four. I had two nice scarves – now I have seven. No, eight. I had two pairs of boots. Now I have four. See? Anytime a girl gets more clothes, it’s a good thing. NOT.

7. Not going south is good for your pocketbook, and who cares if you can’t ride for four months (said no eventer EVER!)

8. Thank goodness for HJU and this opportunity to VENT! 🙂 What would we do without our daily HJU blog fix this winter? I love you, HJU. You save me! I’d go crazy unless I could read about all the fun everyone is having with their horses in the sun and warm temperatures this winter in Florida. Yah. Crazy. Yep. Uh-huh.