Our relationship: It's complicated.

Our relationship: It’s complicated.

If you think your relationship is complicated try being up to you eyebrows deep in a relationship with a mare.

An overly opinionated, self-serving, quick thinking, mare.

As I sit here trying to figure out everything that has just gone so wrong that somehow the mare and I are in a corner and not trotting gleefully down center line … “what just happened?”…

I wonder if men assess us human women like I am about to evaluate the mare. Is this relationship worth the hassles?

She has wonderful moments but sadly, if you blink you’ll miss them. She truly has a nice eye and a great butt. She is not easy to spook. She is an easy keeper.  She has a lovely lofty trot and amazing extension “IF” she chooses to give it to you.

BUT Dear Powers That Move Oceans, she is high maintenance.

She will collect herself when you want her to stretch and she will gladly sprawl herself out, noise high in the air or using it to digging a trench in the sand when you ask her to collect.

She “CAN” trot along in a lovely rhythm for hours but, for reasons still unknown to me after 5 years, she can suddenly decide she is going to be a freight train, not a cute little engine that could type but more like a runaway high speed express million ton locomotive.  She will add sound effects to these moments. Huffing, puffing snorting and foot stomping.

Some days a little leg is all you need, other days a 2” x 4” wouldn’t get her attention and then on the other days the slightest touch and she explodes.

The Thesaurus lists words related to complicated as difficult, thorny, problematic, full of twists and turns, yep fits the mare to a tee.

I crawl into bed full of conviction that in the morning I am going to end this, find an old nice simple gelding and saunter off into the sunset. As I swat at the alarm clock in the morning, the first thing that pops into my mind is that dang velvet nose and those eyes. Yep it’s complicated and yep it will be today, tomorrow and for many rides in the future, but would I have it any other way?