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Horse Junkies United would like to introduce you to the newest addition to our stable of sponsors – The Clothes Horse!  Have you ever admired the winners’ coolers at shows like Devon and the Washington International and wished you could have one like them?  Well, you can!

Kent Farrington and Blue Angel winning the blue at WIHS - photo by Sue van der Linden

Kent Farrington and Blue Angel sporting the Washington International winner’s cooler made by The Clothes Horse – photo by Sue van der Linden

The Clothes Horse has been manufacturing custom-made horse clothes, tackroom drapes, and trunk covers since 1972.  They make items for some of the most prestigious show barns and horse shows in the country. Remember when McLain Ward retired the great Sapphire at Devon?? She wore a cooler made for her by The Clothes Horse! However, you don’t need to be a famous show jumper, a big show barn or a prestigious horse show to get a fabulously elegant item from The Clothes Horse.  Owner and President Katrina Coldren is more than happy to work with you to create your dream cooler/scrim/fly bonnet.  She happily sends as many samples as is necessary to make sure you get the exact look you’re dreaming of.  How do I know this, you may ask?  Because I’m a happy customer!

I’m not a big show barn, I’m a horse owner on a budget.  That doesn’t mean I don’t want my mare to look her best!  A few years ago I’d ordered a fly bonnet for my mare in my barn’s colors.  It was gorgeous, and I loved how she looked in it at shows. Sadly, it went missing at a horse show – you know how these things happen.  Anyway, I was showing in my very first (and likely only) away show ever, and I was desperate to have a replacement bonnet in time, even though the event was only a couple of weeks away.  Katrina moved heaven and earth to get my bonnet made in time, and even shipped it express to the horse show office so it would be there in time for my first class!

Sugar in her very elegant fly bonnet from The Clothes Horse. photo by Elizabeth Skuba

Sugar in her very elegant fly bonnet from The Clothes Horse. photo by Elizabeth Skuba

I was so pleased with my bonnet and the service I’d gotten that when Christmas rolled around I asked Santa for a custom competition quarter sheet from The Clothes Horse.  My mare had a gorgeous grey/navy/purple plaid dress sheet and I wanted a quarter sheet to match.  Even though the cooler was mass-manufactured Katrina searched high and low to find the particular fabric, and when she couldn’t she worked with me to suggest fabrics and color combinations that would create a complimentary look.  She sent me a folder with a ton of samples of fabric, piping options, and trim colors.  Let me tell you, I spent more time playing with color combinations and trying to design the perfect quarter sheet than I did trying to find my wedding dress!  (Sadly, I’m not even exaggerating in the slightest.)

So, while my Sugar might not be a famous show jumper like Sapphire, she can absolutely look as spiffy as Sapphire does, thank to The Clothes Horse.

Please welcome Katrina and The Clothes Horse to the Horse Junkies United family, and don’t hesitate to reach out to her at 856-829-8460 or via the website or Facebook page.


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