5th (T) - Allison Springer & Arthur. Photo by Cheryl Denault.

Allison Springer & Arthur. Photo by Cheryl Denault.

In the back of my mind I am fully capable of calculating the perfect variation of a bell curve in order to ride the shallow loop my trainer and test is asking…

Here is a little look into my mind when I ride….

Distribution….mean… standard…toss in some “central limit theorem” add in a little rise over run, allow for the variables of speed, velocity and the 9 other horses and riders sharing an arena ( which feels more like 12 square feet of sand covered space) while the mare and I go through our paces. We got this…

I can see the arena as a piece of grid paper. A 20 meter circle ridden to perfection as we come to the apex and begin our pattern.

The perfect bend of the curve coming out of the corner, change posting diagonal, inside rein to outside hand.. no wait, was that inside leg to outside rein? No wait… (Trainer in the corner palm planted to face)

Navigate around horse and rider number two and three… back to line.

Crap!!! Kid cantering on my plan; recalculate!!! Recalculate!!!   At next available spot make a U-turn. Oh, wrong math….

Back on track… Circle 20 meters. Who cares what shape it is? Get it done before another horse and rider mess with my space. Thinking about the curve, the perfect arch and bend as we come off the wall, heading to the middle now, creating a new bend. Now if I add in a vector and a Ohm, this should be perfect.

Coming back to the wall, so proud of myself that had to be perfect… I sure hope my trainer moved her hand from her face to have watched. I’ll bet she is proud too…

Where is my trainer???


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