Carter Looking Relaxed

Carter Looking Relaxed

Life is funny sometimes. Just when you think you have all the time in the world it is instantaneously missing. That’s me right now. There has been nothing going on but a ton of stuff to do.

Carter had his first vacation since I’ve owned him (that’s just more than two years now) and I think it did him good. Each day I’d go to see him (like I always do if I’m in town), we shared long grooming sessions, carrots, apples, and even a few bananas. It wasn’t the best weather week, but it was good enough for him. The snow finally melted which meant plenty of exposed grass to munch on as well as plenty of mud to roll in. He seemed like he had a great week.

I’m glad I didn’t break down mid-week to ride. I wanted to; the urge was there, but I held back.

We ended his vacation with an awesome first ride back and although he was tired (likely from his time playing in the pasture, not because he was overworked by any means) and had to take some time remembering cues, he did great! I’m anticipating plenty of great rides ahead, so I’m happy that I gave him the time off he so deserved.

It’s almost Spring…so that means lots and lots of shedding and currying, which Carter hates. But it’s also fun with fur time, too. I have fun trying to see how many designs I can get from whatever currying device I choose to use. It’s been creative and rehabilitating at the same time. Grooming, I mean real grooming… the kind that makes you remember to breathe, relax, enjoy, sense, just BE kind of grooming is the best thing for the soul sometimes – especially when your days and hours seem to be fleeting. (I digress… that is a subject for another non-horsey post).

That, however, hasn’t been the highlight of the week we’re in… my mom, who will be 77 this June, rode her first horse. She did great! Of course there was the mounting and dismounting that she’s glad I didn’t capture on film, but I am so proud of her getting on that horse and taking a spin (at a walk) around the arena! She had a blast! She said she hasn’t felt this good in a very long time. She is “good” sore this morning she said.

My mom's first ride!

My mom’s first ride!

It's never too late!

It’s never too late!

So, for those of you who think you may be too old, too afraid, or too whatever, take it from my mom. I think that brief ride gave her at least ten years back!

Sue Moore