Maybe I’ve been in Europe for too long, but I’ve really grown fond of two things that would’ve put fear into my heart during my North American ‘A’ circuit days – bright and bling. I mean let’s face it, when I step into the show ring, the loudest statements I make are a bit of bling on the fly veil (who doesn’t these days?!), saddle pad and the little glitter stripe on my CO AYR8 Leather Look. But at home? Look away George Morris!

Here are my favourite picks from Spring/Summer ’14 that may just toe the line between clashy and classy.

1. Pikeur ‘Badira’ breeches

Badira is likely Dutch for 'badass'

Badira is likely Dutch for ‘badass’

These breeches make a statement and since they’re by Pikeur you know they’ll last longer than they’ll be on-trend. They kind of have an intergalactic flower theme going on and I’m just so down for that.

2. Eurostar Laura Infinity breeches

With three loud prints to choose from, you really can't go wrong

With three loud prints to choose from, you really can’t go wrong

These breeches from Eurostar feature the lycra ankle cuffs, so no need to worry about your Zocks getting ladders from velcro. They also feature a choice of stamps or paisley so there’s something for every taste and as Chelsea put it: “The print would hide any stains”

3. Eskadron Next Generation

The Union Jack is bang on trend this season

The Union Jack is bang on-trend this season

I love everything about this season’s Next Generation line from Eskadron. From this loud Union Jack print to street art inspired bell boots and saddle pad, it brings a bit of fun into the stable.

This paint splatter saddle pad is in black so it's a bit more conservative...

This paint splatter saddle pad is in black so it’s a bit more conservative…

...But pair the pad with these bell boots for the perfect edgy look

…But pair the pad with these bell boots for the perfect edgy look


4. Animo Cayman fly veil

Accessorize in subtle bling

Accessorize in subtle bling

While most competitors opt for the traditional knit fly veil, Animo has introduced these sporty ears made of a lycra type material. This one has beautiful stitching and a row of bling. You’ll stand out from the crowd – do you dare?

5. Samshield V-Skin gloves

Like a little grip with your bling?

Like a little grip with your bling?

If I’ve overwhelmed you with all this Euro bright gear, here’s a little something more conservative. These are supposedly the next generation in grip with a combination of perforated leather, lycra and suede for breathability and a luxurious feel. The bling accent is nice too!

6. Animo ‘Now’ breeches

Animo 'Now' breeches are definitely on trend... now!

I want these NOW!

If you’re sick of plain diamantés and Swarovski crystals, Italian trend-setters Animo offer something a bit different with their ‘Now’ breeches. They even have a competition jacket to match!

7. Dolla Dolla Bills Y’all

These breeches scream 'money'

These breeches scream ‘money’

Unleash the inner hoodrat in you and don these Animo breeches. They may cost you the price of a small car, but who wouldn’t want to be seen in these?

8. Jin Karat Stirrups

"I wonder if I can pawn these"

“I wonder if I can pawn these”

If anyone wants to propose to me, don’t even bother with a ring. I want these. Nice solid base for a good lower leg, and made of 24 karat gold, with Swarovski Elements crystals on the side. All for about £650 (the price of one month’s full board here, or rent for a closet in Central London).

While you may never step foot in the ring or even the showground wearing any of these things in North America, just know that in Europe, we’re having a blast with fun colours – and everyone’s okay with it!