Horses are prey animals, conditioned to flee at the slightest sign of a potential threat.  While you can desensitize them over a period of time by exposing them to a host of different and potentially threatening things, you can never quite eradicate the self-defense mechanism that is in their very nature.  So it’s wise to be careful and cautious when introducing your horse to something new.

Except, of course, if you are me, and possessed with the mental acuity of a box of rocks.  And if you happen to own Sugar, The Sainted Mare, who feels that somewhere out there is a village that lost its idiot, and it is her job to take care of that idiot until said village comes to reclaim her.

You can see why we call her the Sainted Mare in the video below, taken the day my Barn Owner brought a new toy to the barn to keep her son occupied while she teaches.  You can clearly see how cautiously I am introducing her to this new potential threat in her life.