Horsey TV!

Horsey TV!

I’m writing my thesis… Scratch that – I’m trying to write my thesis. But since writing and researching forms the major part of my work day, it’s hard to get my nose to the grindstone on a Saturday. Even if my thesis is looking at the genetics of showjumpers. So I’m procrastinating, but not by watching back-to-back episodes of some American drama… No. I’m procrastinating like a true horse junkie.

After scanning the Chronicle Forums to read about crazy horse people (I love the stories about the crazy Barn Managers mostly) and looking up results of shows to see how my friends are doing it’s off to YouTube where I watched pretty much every video about California Chrome ever.

This is one of my favourites because you can really see his personality as he tries to bite the reporter.

Then I caught the tail end of the Global Champions Tour from Shanghai. The Grand Prix was won by Pieter Devos on Dream of India Greenfield who just slightly edged out the current rankings leader, Edwina Tops-Alexander. If you’re in the mood for procrastination too, they’ve got tons of videos up that are well worth a watch.

Then there’s this really awesome video of the Sao Jose Polo 2014

And finally, after contemplating reading a few journals and taking a couple notes, you’ll find me on the back deck, glued to the live stream of the Spruce Meadows international arena – the live stream is available here and on this link you can get all the results from all the rings on one page – exciting!