The Dressage-y folk have learned little phrases to remember the letters around the Dressage arena, like All Kings Eat Ham, Cookies …. to help remember the letters.

But I will joke sometimes about what they really stand for….  Imagine coming down centre line and tracking right at the end going around the ring.

A is for Absolutely enter here and join in the fun.  X marks the spot where you are supposed to halt.

C is for that was the Centreline you were just trying to ride straight.

M is for Monster.   First letter we give the hairy eyeball as we get around the first corner.

R is for Right rein, the direction we are going around the ring following the letters.

B is for Bummer, was I supposed to be on the rail.

P is for Puddle…. ok maybe just for us on the West Coast in winter.

F is for ‘Fraid-y cats trying to get passed the letters.

K is for the Komodo Dragon sitting in this corner.

V is for Victory, I have almost made it one lap around.

E is for Elephants, elephants in the bushes our horses are trying to look for.

S is for Snakes, we didn’t see the elephants so now we are looking for snakes.

H is for Holy cow, we made it.

Something fun to think of, or would the sports psychologist think we should be making more positive references to those letters?!  Go have a giggle and enjoy your dressage test.