Following on from my “items not meant for the barn but should be” post, I felt that after looking around the house my inner horse junkie would be telling a lie if she didn’t admit to having a few items in the house that really shouldn’t be there! So here they are…

Plaiting bands can be found everywhere from the freezer to my hair brush! They provide fab food ties to keep frozen food within their bags once opened. And obviously they can do the same purpose on you as they do on your horse- keeping your plaits perfectly neat (or not so in my case) so your “show” ready for work!

When you are living with a tight man who despite the freezing temperatures still insists there’s no need to turn the thermostat up you have to find alternative means to keep warm! Blankets and sleeping bags are so 1990, it’s all about horse rugs now…

Well, if the horse doesn't want it I'll have it!

Well, if the horse doesn’t want it I’ll have it!

White wine has to be chilled and what a better way to do so than with your horse’s ice boots? Perfect size and shape too!

When our pastry brush broke our temporary replacement was a new hoof oil brush (it ended up going back to its original purpose but when it was temping as a pastry chef’s assistant it did a great job!)

The lunge rein has been stolen as an extended dog lead – if it can hold the horse, it might have a chance at holding the crazy hound dog!

I’ve decided to try and cycle into work a bit more. Sadly couldn’t afford a cycle hat so my jockey skull has been called up to protect my head on another steed! I do occasionally get a few funny looks but that’s probably when I’m telling my bike to trot on once we get the green light at the traffic lights… Oh and the whip might be a bit of overkill too!

And for all you fashionistas I’ve been told Equestrian Chic is very in at the moment which means that its’ totally OK to have your rosettes and ribbons all over your house. If anyone complains tell them it’s modern art (no one ever questions modern art!).

I’d love to hear about your horsey items making it into the household too!


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