Just enough bling!

Just enough bling!

I’m one of “those” people… and by “those”, I mean George-Morris-would-be-proud classic, at least in public. While I rock hot pink breeches at home with a purple saddle pad and look like Easter just happened to my white horse, in public I am very traditional with my attire. I braid for schooling shows. At the schooling dressage/CT shows, I am either fully turned out in a coat or at the least a monotone polo, white saddle pads, black tack and all. I have a very simple clear stone browband,  but I am just not the kind of gal to show in a shadbelly with hot pink bedazzled points and collar. (I saw it on a rider at one show; it was very pretty but found it to be distracting while she rode.)

I also show Western halter so I have my time to get my fix when I’m covered in sparkles and my time when I’m not. But I ran across this really cool item selling in local and international tack shops as well as online. “Spur of the Moment” they promise “Classy Bling for Every Ring!!” OK Spur straps sound simple enough, but Spur of the Moment has taken them to the next level in a very classy way!I finally saw a way to add fun little personal bling without looking like an encrusted, bedazzled cupcake on a horse!

For the price of only $30 I was for sure they’d be a little charm glued on a cheap strap for me to break the charm off and have to fight with bulky straps but NO! The leather is fantastic, super soft, and the perfect thickness!! And the bling… I have no clue how her hands get them secured on so well since you’re working with a very small space but they are spectacular.

Being the custom lover that I am I snapped a photo of the card on the straps and got online. I found hundreds of gem options and browsed until I found my match. #38 a beautiful oval pearl surrounded by clear bling, all approx the size of a quarter.

My Beautiful Dressage Straps!

My Beautiful Dressage Straps!

I contacted the owner Sasha and she had them made and shipped to me super fast! I had saved them all this time for my “big” show of the year and wore them with pride in my dressage test, they were small enough to not distract from the look but big enough to be there.Mine even survived a fall and drag across a gravel driveway, Tall boots destroyed…bling still intact. (Proof of great workmanship!) The variety of stones is endless and you’ll love how custom they feel!

Some of the hundreds of gems!

Some of the hundreds of gems



I’ve already purchased a set as a gift for my boarder who like me wants a little sparkle! These are great for Dressage, Jumpers and I’ve even seen a few local hunters sporting them. These straps are plenty fun while staying classy in the ring. Mine made their debut at my first licensed dressage show and I found them to be daring enough while remaining respectfully conservative.

To learn more, visit Spur of the Moment’s Facebook page or Etsy shop.


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