I have ran into many trainers that truly believe that almost any saddle can be made to fit any horse just by the way you pad. My dressage saddle was made to fit my Spanish Norman a Half Percheron/half Andalusian, in other words …a big horse.

Shortly after my son left for college and had taken “MY” big horse with him, I went out and bought a paint mare….

Like anything that small was going to fit my saddle, a pure moment of crazy.

Trainer after trainers’ solution… pads and more pads, here a pad there a pad.

For the past 6 months or so, to ride it consisted of three pads, a half pad and sometimes the strategically placed extra foam thingies just to make the saddle sit right. Slipping into the seat was like sitting on a rotten pumpkin all squish, wiggly and hard to balance.

After a bad canter transition lesson where the mare was not acting too happy, in fact she was a whirling, bucking Tasmanian devil, I noticed a small rub spot on her wither and began to wonder if that could be the cause of most of our problems. This put me on the threshold of either I need a new saddle or a new horse.

Enter the “Calmatech” by ECOGOLD.

ECOGOLD's Calmatech Dressage Saddle Pad - photo by Calina - photo by Calina 745

ECOGOLD’s Calmatech Dressage Saddle Pad – photo by Calina

It took a huge leap of faith to use just one pad on the mare, but I figured if I was going to give an honest opinion on this pad I had to.

Right from the start while tacking the pad all by itself put my saddle in the perfect position.

The Saddle was in the same spot after lunging. Once my behind slipped onto the saddle, HOLY CRAP!!!! I have been missing out. NO SQUISH, NO WIGGLE, NO More bazillion pads between me and the mare. It was the best ride we ever had.

After using the Calmatech, the mare and I have come to understand that a proper pad can make a saddle fit better not more pads. Over all making for one happy mare and one happy rider.

Happy mare!

Happy mare!

Everyone at the barn oooooos and ahhhhhs over the pad, the soft Medical Fleece has been felt up more than a prom date. The Non slip material really locks the saddle in place without any irritation to the mare and the unique design of the billet keeper is a highly desired feature. Rather than one big loop allowing the saddle and the pad to slip around the individual slots assist in maintaining unity and proper placement. I can honestly say I have never had a more secure and balanced feeling while riding as I do with this pad.

Thank you, ECOGOLD!  Visit their website: www.ecogold.ca