Like every year for me, last year was a year of ups and downs… Claire poked her eye out… I had a surprise foal… I spent the year paying off Claire’s medical bills…

I was inspired to really tackle this Year of the Horse thanks to one of my dear 4-H kiddos who designed our District T-Shirts.

Year of the Horse t-shirt - Designed by Rachel Buehren

Year of the Horse t-shirt – Designed by Rachel Buehren

See the important print? “It’s Our Year!”

Yep, time to take this year to accomplish some dreams! Here are a few off my life list this year…

– Ride Claire in a Recognized Dressage Show: done! We may have only gone Intro but I rode at a recognized show and was cheered on by everyone! HJU friends, family, non-horse friends who showed up to support us.

Riding at a recognized horse show

Riding at a recognized horse show

Start getting mildly serious about Dressage – Check! We’re taking two lessons per month with a USDF Dressage Judge (Not saying that we’re doing super awesome yet).

Show Prince in a real “campaign” season – So far so good. He’s shown everywhere across the state so far at least twice per month and we are having fun. Man, I love showing!

Show at Upperville – Done!! The Upperville Colt and Horse Show is the oldest horse show founded in 1853, and is a “AA” rated show. It’s the pinnacle of showing and just having the honor to show there was enough! We didn’t place in a class of 12 but Prince was the fan favorite with everyone hugging on him and taking photos.

Prince at Upperville - photo by Wolfcreek Photography

Prince at Upperville – photo by Wolfcreek Photography

Show in another state – While I’ve technically done that before in a grooms class I wanted to go just for me.  At the West Virginia Miniature Horse Championships Sammy and I were Reserve Champion Gelding and between my friend and I and our three minis we won 28 Medals, 13 trophies and over $200 in prize money!!!

Eliminating drama. Wow, did that feel therapeutic! Unfollowed a few people on FB, cleaned up my newsfeed…so done with hearing drama.

Saying goodbye to a lady who gave me all – This sounds so sad but I had the honor of caring for Flower for 1 1/2 years and she had a great life here living out her final days before the laminitis and founder finally claimed her. She was able to birth the beautiful foal she surprised us with last year and was able to live here being loved and having everything she needed instead of the auction line where she was found.



Working on my Equine Business Goals – So far we are moving forward. I don’t have plans to teach like a riding school style but I’m offering my services and am happy to get started. Offering Show Management services, as well as Show Judging and professional grooming/exhibiting and I teach a few things too.

Being BEYOND PROUD of my 4-H Horse Knowledge Team! Coached all the way from the County and District Finals to states for ribbons in everything! Hippology, and Horse Judging as a team and individuals.

These girls are why I volunteer!

These girls are why I volunteer!

What’s left?

Ride at Thoroughbred Heritage Horse Show

Keep working with Prince and get him State Fair ready

Nail that Canter with Claire!

and who knows what else. As they come to me I’ll try to check them off my equine bucket list.

So friends, what have you accomplished this year?