Canadian four star event rider Kendal Lehari is organizing a Horse Sale Extravaganza on October 4 at her family’s farm in Uxbridge Ontario. Selling and buying a horse is very time consuming so this is a great opportunity for sellers to showcase their horses and for buyers to see what is available all in one place. Horses will be primarily event horses, but suitable for multiple disciplines, levels, prices, age, etc.   Follow HorseSaleExtravaganza to learn more.

Today, Kendal shares some turnout tips to make a great first impression.

Kendal Lehari and Daily Edition Photo By Cynthia Lawler

Kendal Lehari and Daily Edition  -photo By Cynthia Lawler

How to Sell a Horse: Turnout Tips, by Kendal Lehari

Over the years my mom and I have been discussing some of the difficulties of buying and selling horses. One of the main issues we had was the time commitment. As a buyer you are travelling across the country side looking for your perfect mount, who you hope looks just like their perfect ad. Typically this is not the case. As a seller, you get a lot of people who think they want a certain type of horse but they aren’t being realistic with themselves and their riding ability, so you spend a lot of time getting the horse ready and show them, to find out the person has just started riding, even though your ad clearly pointed out 3 year old green horse. So last year we came up with the idea to do a Horse Sale Extravaganza. This was our way to save time for buyers and sellers by bringing everyone to the same place. We made groups of 2-3 horses that were matched in price and experience from foals to Intermediate eventers. As a seller you were able to show your horse to multiple people at once and as a buyer you could see numerous horses at once; one stop shopping! This way you can cut out whatever you don’t like and go and see the ones you do! We had very good feedback last year, so we will be doing our sale again this year on October 4th. We will be focusing on horses that have been backed to competition horses. This is merely a demonstration of horses that are available for sale, not an auction.

As our horse sale approaches I thought it would be a good time to share some pointers on selling a horse. This is the turnout edition.

As a buyer the worst thing is when you drive for hours and when you arrive the horse is still out in the field and muddy. This is not the best first impression. Especially if they can’t catch the horse!

This would be a bad example of what to do. Pointing out a horse in the paddock who used to be a chestnut and is now caked in wet mud is not such a good first impression…especially if they’re also hard to catch!

Daily Edition in retirement mode

What not to do – Daily Edition in retirement mode

You want the first impression to be a good one! Hopefully these tips can help you make that happen.

– Have your horse in and clean, tails brushed, hooves painted

– Have manes pulled (if they’re cut, buyers will assume they are bad to have them pulled)

– Have whiskers done, bridle paths and feathers all trimmed, tails banged

– Use white polos or boots; if you have a plain looking horse they will look much fancier! White dressage boots will help make a skinny horse look chunkier.

– Use white saddle pads

Rider turnout…this is important! If you look tidy and professional it helps to give a good vibe to the buyers. Beige breaches, polo and belt are an example of how you can dress to look more professional.

Good example of turnout …the model is Harry, our newest sales horse a 3 yr old OTTB.

Good example of turnout …the model is Harry, our newest sales horse a 3 yr old OTTB.

Stay tuned for my segment of how to make a sale video, followed by honestly wording a sales ad.

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