Alexanders Horseboxes have taken traveling with your horses to a whole new level. For the price of a house, you can live in style at the horse shows with this Alexander McQueen-meets-Manhattan Loft swanky 26 tonne horsebox. So many pop-outs on the sides and two on the top so you’ll be the envy of all your competitors. There are three beds – one in the luton (the area over the cab), one over the bathroom/vestibule for the grooms and the sofa turns into a bed, too. Plus the walls are shiny subtle zebra print, the floors polished dark laminate and best of all – it has a real bathroom. Seriously though, if you’ve spent any time using portapotties or other types of camping toilets, you’ll love this. It even has a glass shower cubicle and another shower in the horse area if you’re too dirty to enter the pristine living.

And while we’re on the horse area, it’s fantastic. In fact, when I toured it, I thought ‘I could totally just camp in here’. The floors were specifically designed to reduce vibration on your horse’s precious legs and the back wall has a heated panel and seamless construction so your horse can be comfortable and bald tails are a thing of the past. The windows pop up so there’s loads of airflow while your horse is waiting at the shows and there’s loads of room for your stuff.

This extravagant lorry comes with a hefty price tag, so for those of us not lucky to have a spare £500,000 lying around, just remember: it doesn’t matter what your lorry looks like, it’s what’s inside of it that counts (or so we keep telling ourselves…).