As good as it gets

As good as it gets

I remember when I was in my early 20s and there was a lady in the barn who decided to give up horses and sell everything.  She sold the horse, her fancy truck and matching trailer, all her high end tack and gave away a lot of her high end riding clothes and we never saw her again.  I thought to myself:

“That is crazy.”

“She will be back, she will miss it.”

“I would never do that, I love this too much.”

But, I have found myself over the last two years thinking about leaving horses, seriously.  After reading another HJU blog on taking a break from horses, I came to think about what makes us think about leaving?

For me I think it has to do with a realization I will never be better than I am now.  I can not put any more time, effort, blood/sweat/tears in than I already have. I have lived and breathed this sport since I was 12 (now in my forties) pushing myself to get better.  But if this is as good as I’m going to get, what am I doing spending all this money and time, hours every week to feel like I am treading water? Never to have anything more to strive for in terms of improvement or development?

So I challenge you Junkies to convince me why I should continue being a Junkie and not get horsey rehab.  I have no horse at the moment and could sell my truck, trailer and equipment in a jiffy.  I could start a new hobby and spend time doing something else.  I know my hubby would not be too sad about this decision.

Tell me, why should I buy another horse and keep going?