belinda aaa

Belinda tacked up and ready to ride. Photo by Justine

I’m an addict. A tack addict.

But please, let me explain.

Now that I’m a horse owner again,  all my money goes to my horse.

I warned my family and friends before Belinda, my hanoverian mare, arrived. My life, – as both I and they knew it – was about to change. Weekend adventures used to consist of trying new restaurants and bars and buying tickets for concerts and weekend getaways. Not anymore. My budget (and let’s be honest… my time,) has shifted dramatically to make sure my horse is well taken care of.

Equestrian friends recently invited me to a used tack swapping group on Facebook called English Tack Trader. I’ve heard of the group before from friends, and admired the many trinkets they’d acquired for relatively good prices by buying online from other equestrians in this group.

Once I was approved to join the group, everything I knew about buying tack changed.

I’m not just a fan. I’m an addict. I can’t be stopped.

Schooling dressage bridle. Too good of a deal to pass up.

Schooling dressage bridle I just bought. Too good of a deal to pass up.

My first purchase was a set of full-body clippers. My ancient pair had sputtered out about a year ago, and I couldn’t justify putting money down on a new pair until Belinda came into my life. “She’s a non-sweater,” I told myself as I typed my credit card information into PayPal. “This will help her.”

But honestly… I just couldn’t pass up the deal I found through that group.

The clippers arrived safely just a week later.

Less than a week after that purchase, I found a pair of used splint boots for $5. FIVE DOLLARS. I had to have them. Oh, and this new dressage girth. Belinda could really use a fleece-lined one…

I can’t even keep track of how many new trinkets Belinda has acquired since I’ve entered the world of English Tack Trader on Facebook.

I have yet to sell anything on the site (I’m an addict, so I can’t give away any tack … even the bridles and bits that don’t fit Belinda. I’ll find a way to use them again some day, I’m sure of it,) but it’s amazing how quickly tack sells. The quality of used saddles, bridles, blankets, riding apparel, is really quite amazing.

So long, ebay. I’m sold on English Tack Trader.