Team Canada, winners of the $300 000 BMO Nations Cup. -Photo by Keara

Team Canada, winners of the $300 000 BMO Nations Cup. -Photo by Keara

I don’t know about you, but did you notice the hunks that we had on the Canadian Team?! Not only are they some of the best in the sport, but they are also some serious eye candy- it couldn’t get any better!

Let’s take a closer look…

First up, we have one that fits the bill for tall, dark, and handsome. A strapping fellow, not only does he clearly workout, but his eyes are dreamy, and he has an incredibly intelligent look about him. If that isn’t enough, he has an Olympic gold medal that, if you’re lucky enough, he might let you try on. For me, it doesn’t get any better.

Tall, dark and handsome... Tripple X III.

Tall, dark and handsome… Tripple X III.

Secondly, we have a guy that will appeal to those of you who like innocent cuteness, but with hidden competitive fire and talent. The nerd of the group, but if that’s your type, one look at his face will leave you spinning.


Makavoy – dorky and cute, but a winner at heart.

Third in line is our overconfident show boating type, but with an endearing soft and shy side. Although he is all prance and dance when in the spotlight, once you get him alone he is a complete romantic.

Zigali P S.... I Love You.

Zigali P S…. I Love You.

Finally, we have a case of young money. Excelling in his profession, he just took home a huge payday and, ladies, he might just spend some of it on you. Although a little hot and wild, he’s a looker that might just be worth the effort.

Dixson- Cha Ching.

Dixson- Chaaaaa Ching.

But, just hold on, there is one more. He can’t be overlooked because, as a true steady eddy, this guy can be counted on to keep his cool and pose for the cameras. He’s got brains, athleticism, and looks- a perfect trifecta.

Calm and cool, looking good in blue- Baranus (aka Dixson's body double).

Calm and cool, looking good in blue- Baranus (aka Dixson’s body double).

Wait….. you thought I was going to talk about the riders?!