I'm one step away from this.

I’m one step away from this.

It’s been two months since the accident where we lost Sug and I need to start riding regularly again. Soon.  Or bad things will happen.  Seriously.  The kids agree. It’s been a little over a month since we lost the lease on James and little to no horse time is making us all cranky.

I thought not going to the barn every day would give me all kinds of time to do projects I’d been meaning to around the house.  Nope.  Not working out that way.  Redecorate the basement family room?  Nah.  I walk into a Homegoods or a furniture store, look at all the options and go fetal.  Painting?  Picking out a color?  See fetal. (However, I can choose a color for a stable blanket, ear bonnet or saddle pad in a nanosecond.) If I could pay someone with taste to decorate for me, that’d be great. Who are we kidding, though?  Any extra money I have is going towards a horse.

I also meant to organize my closet.  I didn’t. It still looks like a FEMA site. Same thing with the Tupperware cabinet.  I had plans to  work around the yard, spruce things up, maybe put some Fall decorations up.  Hasn’t happened.  Yard still looks like crap, and there are no seasonal decorations to hide that fact.

My husband is the only one that’s happy.  He’s excited that we are spending more “together” time.  That pretty much means we are all going to the gym with him at night.  I get on the elliptical and do weights, the kids go do their thing, and my husband gets on a bike for an hour.  Together, my butt! (Which, by the way, has not gotten any smaller, gym time notwithstanding.)  I did start taking a belly dancing class again. I’m hoping that’ll strengthen my core for when I get back in the saddle.  Plus it’s good for a laugh.

My husband is also happy that I am home cooking dinner every night again.  The man likes a good meal, and when we were riding he got home cooked meals only on weekends, and was left with leftovers or a crockpot creation the rest of the week.   I used to love cooking before I got back into riding, and still kinda liked trotting out a fancy recipe on the weekends.  But now?  Every day? Not so much. You know what it’s like – figuring out how to come up with a full-on dinner every night isn’t as easy as grabbing a sandwich or leftovers and heating them up to eat in the car on the way to the barn.  Tonight, in desperation, I did something with Ramen noodles that I haven’t done since college.  Don’t ask.  It wasn’t pretty.

This Betty Crocker/June Cleaver thing ain’t working out so well.  We are working on establishing a new home and finding horses, but we’re not 100% there yet.  It’s getting to the point where I’m ready to strap on my helmet, hop on my bike and ride around the neighborhood making horse noises.