This is what I look like when I ride my horse in designer wear. (Taken at Saks Fifth Avenue)

This is what I look like when I ride my horse in designer wear. (Taken at Saks Fifth Avenue)

I’m a writer as much as I am a rider. During my day job, I slave away behind a computer screen, typing words  measured by inch count for a local newspaper. I write about fashion and retail, which can be a lot of fun, but shopping for myself is something I gave up on a long time ago… basically when horses entered my life.

Over the last month, I’ve been making trip after trip to a brand new enclosed luxury mall that is opening in my town. It’s a big deal for the residents and tourists here in our little coastal town in Florida. This multimillion dollar mall is bringing all kinds of new fancy stores we’ve never had in our region before.

Being a member of the local media, sometimes I get tour stores before they open to the public. I saw a whole bunch of  ’em leading up to the opening of this new mall. And I had to laugh at all the equestrian themes and trends I saw inside department stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Dillard’s. When did breeches, with the dark knee patches and high-waisted FITS become a fashionable trend?

"Breeches" for sale by Polo in Dillard's.

“Breeches” for sale by Polo in Dillard’s.

A Polo display inside Dillard's. Saddle is not for sale.

A Polo display inside Dillard’s. Saddle is not for sale.

OK. So we’ve seen it coming for a little while, thanks to celebs like Taylor Swift and the Kardashians . But let’s be real. Who ever thought our riding getup would become something that’s socially acceptable to wear out in public?

Don’t get me wrong. I have no problem striding into Whole Foods in my muddy Galoshes (which is also a fashion trend apparently???) and manure-stained jodpurs. I’m used to the weird looks I get.

But wearing a $200-plus pair of knock off-looking Tailored Sportsman’s out on a date? I don’t think so.


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