Even as a dressage coach/rider I was interested to go and watch the famous George in person.  Of course, I already knew what to expect about his teaching style.  I have already seen him teaching online in the USET clinics and there are loads of articles and blogs on the amazing things he says when teaching a clinic.

For example:

“Don’t waste my time here, don’t enter my clinic again.”

“I am old to be nice and too old to change my ways.”

“You people are heavy, literally and figuratively.  And I mean fat, F-A-T.”

“When I call for the stick, I mean now.”

“She can’t help it, she is 17.  Sometimes there isn’t a brain in their head.”

“Don’t think of clapping for the rider, but you can clap for the horse.”

“Hurry up girls”  as he was talking to the jump crew.

What I was surprised to find out is that he is quite funny with a dry sense of humour, especially about his age.  “Thank you for that introduction and giving away my age.” and “That’s experience in the britches.”

Other than his very clear ideas on riding and horsemanship, I noticed he is clearly patient with the horses. He is both fair and strict with an immense amount of discipline and consistency.  Even though his demeanour is sharp at times, his energy is calm.

He even said some nice things such as:

“This girl has it.”

“Keep your hands up and in line with the bit and you will have it.”

“We are going to make you better.” and

“All you have to do is understand function and response.”

Now that is some experience to put in your britches.


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