Modeling my new Struck breeches

Modeling my new Struck breeches

It is official, I have found my second love. Like most equestrians, my horses take the number one spot in my heart but sliding into the number two spot are Struck Apparel breeches. I am very picky about my breeches and have been devoted to one brand for years but recently, a local tack shop near me started carrying Struck Breeches. I had heard of the brand before and decided to see what the buzz was about.

These breeches are clearly made for sport. They are really a great fit and they are the perfect low rise, not too low but not too high. I really like the wide 2 1/2″ elasticized waistband, it provides a snug but comfortable fit. An added bonus to the waistband is that there are two bands of rubberized stitching along the waistband to ensure that shirts stay tucked in. The zipper is heavy duty and actually features a tiny lock at the top to make sure there are no malfunctions in the ring. Onto the legs of Struck Breeches, they are designed with an sculpted knee patch which eliminates excess fabric that can bunch and cause rubs. You can actually feel the difference! The bottoms of the breeches are actually spandex panels that come in pretty colours and eliminate the annoyances that come along with velcro bottoms. As I am a part of the equestrian community that is above average height, I was also pleasantly surprised to see that the breeches fit me very well in length. Can’t forget that booty flattering euro-seat either!

I did a little research on the material used to make the breeches, which is a man-made, 4-way stretch, Polyamide/Elastene blend that resists fading, pilling, pulls and is also moisture-wicking and comfortably stretchy. The breeches are made to be durable as the seams are reinforced at the crotch and knee patches. To top it all off, the breeches benefit from a coating that resists dirt and stains so whenever your horse sneezes on you, you spill your drink on yourself or you’re mucking in the barn your breeches stay looking clean! I made sure to test these claims myself and they came out on top. Along with the drool-worthy colours that the breeches come in, the accent colours offered with the spandex panels add a little bit of sass.

As much as I loved them to wear, I wanted to see if they would live up to my expectations to ride in and they did. They are comfortable, stretchy, lightweight and they don’t gape at the back of the waistband when I’m in the saddle, which is something that I struggle with with almost all breeches. They also wash well and come out looking brand new. In my opinion, these breeches are well worth the money and my collection of Struck Breeches will continue to grow in the future!  Find them at

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