For many years the barn has been my second home. Horses are my life, my love and my passion. Through the ups and downs of growing up, horses have been there for me when I felt that no one else was and for that I am incredibly grateful. As a competitive equestrian, I spend my time riding, training, showing and caring for my horses. The knowledge, relationships and experiences that I have gained from this sport are irreplaceable even when things get tough.  Through all of the early show mornings, falls, injuries, smiles, tears and helmet hair, I have learned a few things about life.

  1. The Importance of Hard Work 

In this sport and in life, hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. Going the extra mile matters.

  1. Having Thick Skin is Necessary to Survive

Trainers can be tough on you and your competitors are always going to have something to say. Being able to brush off negativity and learn from constructive criticism with grace are skills that are necessary to succeed inside and outside of the ring.

  1. Know When to Ask for Help

Never be too proud to admit that someone is more knowledgeable than you are, learn from them. Knowledge is power.

  1. Commitment

Our horses depend on us and they are not animals that we can push aside at our leisure, our inconsistency is reflected in them. For us expect their best, we must give them ours.  To win, both my horse and I must be fit and prepared and that is not possible without total commitment and dedication. I have found that the same commitment is needed in life, in order to succeed you need to give it your all.

  1. Unconditional Love

He’s thrown you into the dirt more times than you can count, he’s made you question whether you actually know how to ride at all, he’s frustrated you to the point of tears and he’s still loved you through it all. Horses are incredible animals that forgive us for our mistakes and make it impossible for us to not forgive them for theirs. Even on those off days, I still love my horse more than words and I know he loves me too. To love and to be loved is something in life that is not to be taken for granted.

“Some of the very best teachers I’ve had haven’t been human, although they have taught me a great deal about humanity.”Anonymous


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