Hi there, thought I’d say a little something about the Holidays coming up, and how us horses might feel about them. First of all, Thanksgiving is a holiday for you two-leggers but not for us. It’s actually the season of getting ridden once a month while we get to eat a lot during the week and basically walk around until you get home to feed us in the dark. I have tried very hard to lose my shoes in the more frequent mud but the horseshoer is doing a really good job and I was not able to get this done as well as I would have liked. So my first thankful is that my horseshoer keeps my feet good and protected and puts my shoes on well so that my feet don’t hurt. That is the worst, when your feet hurt. I know all my horse friends agree that is the worst. So first I am thankful my feet don’t hurt.

Next, I would like to be thankful that so far I have not been clipped. Here is a bad picture of my friend Hamish and his midnight, after-a-long-day-at-work Mommy clip job. We are still laughing at Hamish and he doesn’t like us to laugh at him. So that’s something to be thankful for.

Hamish, you look like a squirrel in a blender.

Hamish, you look like a squirrel in a blender.

I am also thankful for lots of good dry hay that is not dusty. Mom gives me lots of it. I mess it up sometimes. Sometimes it is good to pee and poop on. It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just that it is a good place to put the poop so I like to make sure it goes where it belongs. If I wait long enough I get more so I don’t worry about it. I am very thankful for good hay. Sometimes I talk to my other horse friends who remember not getting good enough hay in the winter and it is hard when you don’t so I am grateful for hay.

Next, I’m grateful for grain and water and other good things to eat like apples and carrots and horse cookies. I like the molasses cookies the best but I don’t get those very often. Apples and carrots are a close second. I am grateful when I get them. I deserve more, though. Anyone with any pull in this area with Mommy, please go ahead.

I am doing dressage quite a bit these days. I have reached a place where I don’t think it is all that bad. Although I am not quite sure about that lateral work stuff. My hocks and hind legs go one way. They don’t go sideways, well, I don’t like them to go sideways. Eeek, when you wear the spurs they go sideways, though. But I sort of get it now. It means I have to sort of think where my feet go and listen to where you want me. My jumping is pretty good too, at least, that is what that clinic person said. She was very nice. She understood me pretty well and liked me. Can we go see her again? (Lucky was a star at a jumping clinic with four-star event rider Caitlin Silliman.)

Holly, eventer from Delaware

Mom and me


Horses don’t really give thanks, we don’t have that sort of mind. We sort of think only ahead as far as the next blade of grass or mouthful of water. The calendar doesn’t mean much to us, normally, but it does to the two-leggers. I guess we are all happy that Thanksgiving isn’t about eating US rather than turkeys, but to tell you the truth, the turkeys we see sometimes come out the woods and hang out  around the pasture are kinda scary so if someone wants to eat them, I’m all for it. Someone can eat that Jack Russell dog in the barn, too, the one that barks at the kitty. He’s annoying. I think someone could also make my horse trailer a bit taller, I have to duck to get in it and sometimes I don’t walk right on the trailer when I think the roof is too low for me, so that’s a thing I don’t give thanks for.

As I say, holidays are different for us, it usually means riding, our holidays are the cool winter days when it is quiet and the sun is low, the fox sneaks through the paddocks looking for tidbits, and the red breasted hawk sits silently on the corner post. They have to rustle for food this time of year but I don’t. My food is as close as the warm barn and soft bed of my stall and my Mommy’s voice…..”Lucky! Lucky…dinnertime!” Yeah, that’s what I am thankful for.

That and not being clipped — yet. Hamish, you look like a squirrel that came out of a blender! (He really does not like it when I laugh at him.)