Yes, I’m thankful not only for my husband but that he’s a Non-Horsey husband!

Turtle saver!

Turtle saver!

Dear Travis,

Thank you for taking care of me and the ponies (regardless of the size, he calls them all “ponies”… except the yearling pony which he calls a “little horse”???).

For making sure they have their kibble (grain) and diet food (ration balancer) on your day to feed.

Not only buying feed when I’m so busy I forget we’re almost out but for feeding when I’ve over-planned my day and it saves me 30 mins.

For applying pony sunscreen to my bald-faced boys.

For making sure they have “pony coats and windbreakers” on (sheets and turnouts).

For not rolling your eyes when I installed SmartPak’s SmartBlanket app on your phone and set it up so you’d know the plan.

For taking on the master task of wrangling a very grumpy pony into taking his SMZs while I’m out of town.

For being brave enough to fix his meds by yourself with directions.

For going over the feeding directions six times before I leave on a trip.

For calling for help when one of the horses doesn’t look normal.

For helping hold horses for the farrier to speed things up.

For staying up nights on end with me watching the foaling camera when baby horses are due to arrive.

For trusting me to decide when it was time to say goodbye to your little momma horse when she couldn’t survive after foaling.

For putting up with all my ponies, and dust and dirt with your insane allergies to horses, hay, dust, trees and grass.

Hugging my horse (only when she's freshly bathed)

Hugging my horse (only when she’s freshly bathed)

For coming to watch some of my shows and trying hard to be my groom.

For being my crazy horse show spouse who doesn’t understand why on earth I didn’t win the class.

For letting me talk some horse reason into you before you go ask the judge why I didn’t win… (wrong lead…).

For staying up late nights building me a rolling tack closet, new saddle stands, a weaning off field for the baby.

For taking my direction at building all these crazy things that you didn’t know how to build.

For being my costume design consultant for all my costume classes with your grand visions and leaving them for me to craft.

For being your self titled “Travis’ Semi-Professional Cart Repair Shop” and repainting and reupholstering my driving cart.

Tractor Driver!

Tractor Driver!

For working my horse show with an untreated broken arm because you didn’t want the trip to the hospital to stop my horse show.

For dealing with my crazy friends, erratic show schedule and last minute trips.

For getting up at 4:30am to load the horse trailer up with me before you go to work.

For leaving me sweet voice mails and texts while I’m showing so I know you’re there in spirit.



For being content as my Non-Horse Husband and letting me make the blanket and feed decisions unquestioned.

For buying me a horse… or two. 🙂

For asking when doing laundry if ___(horse item)___ should be washed or dry cleaned.

For learning not to wash horse blankets with other clothes.

For not questioning when I have friends pull in with horses to board for a few days before/after a show without warning.

For taking Pony Selfies!

For taking Pony Selfies!

For being kind enough to let friends whose horses needed a safe landing find one in us.

For walking the entire Christmas parade route with me while I rode a horse.

For getting brave enough to take the reins and go for 5 minutes because you knew how much it meant to me.

Thank you for agreeing to take this crazy horse journey with me.



and Claire, Flower, Z, PC, Samuel

and all our little part time and full time visiting pony boarders Firefly, Hucky, Eli, Orion, Allstar.

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