Cody Wooten

Cody Wooten

Cody Wooten, an Equine Science major in his junior year at Centenary College in Hackettstown, NJ, is participating in the Horsemastership Training Session this year, and has graciously agreed to share with us some of his thoughts and experiences over the course of the clinic.  Cody qualified for his spot in the clinic by finishing second at the 2014 USHJA Emerging Athletes National Training Session held in November.

Here are some of Cody’s thoughts on the second day of the Training Session:

General impressions: Day 2 was just as successful and informative as Day 1! We learned so many things about the horses and riding over gymnastic style fences. My biggest take away from today was the idea that you keep the horse straight for the flying change, and influence the bend with leg and use your new inside leg to get the change.

His biggest challenge: The most challenging exercise for me and my horse was the tight figure 8 over the skinny gate. I usually show in the hunters so working on short turns and turning over the fences is something I can definitely  work on.

The exercise he had the most fun with: I think I had a good time at the Cavaletti to the vertical trotting in, because I work on things like that all the time at home so I’m quite used to it

Which exercises he’ll use at home: I will definitely incorporate the grids that included short and long strides so the horse has to use himself properly as well as think for himself and figure it out without much rider interference.

What the riders did after the mounted segments: The afternoon session was a lecture and barn practicum with Dr. Ober, the USEF team veterinarian. We learned a lot about confirmation of the horse, equine anatomy, as well as how to identify lamenesses and soreness, etc.  I love to get so much useful information to supplement my equine knowledge.