One PROUD Coach and her girls! 2014 EquiSmartz State Finals!

One PROUD Coach and her girls! 2014 EquiSmartz State Finals!

One of my greatest passions in life is enabling horse crazy kids to learn and love their sport. In other words, I love being a 4-H volunteer. I have been involved in a 4-H barn since I was a little girl, and as an adult I have returned to help cultivate the next generation of horsemen. While I am no riding instructor and we have plenty of them, I choose to put my passion into Horse Management and Unmounted Education. Friends call me to help with everything from injuries to feed questions to tack care. They always ask, “How do you know all this?” and the answer is always 4-H.


Today, as the coach of the Hanover, Virginia Hippology Team, my passion lies in taking the kids from our counties’ many 4-H clubs and preparing them for the state Hippology exam. Let me tell you, the kids are studying year-round for these tests! After writing and administering our four-part exam, I thought I would ask you… Are you Smarter than a 4-Her?

Below is the link to take the “written” 40-question section of the local county exam. This part was followed by a horse judging section where kids placed three classes of filmed horses at halter and performance tests; a Visual ID station where students had to identify equine anatomy structures as well as common tools in veterinary medicine, farrier work and daily care. Kids were also placed into teams of four to complete a ration balancing scenario on four horses using their studied knowledge and a display of feed tags. These are all of the exciting activities we did at the county level and we will keep preparing for the state level test in late March. I have continued to discover so much about horses from striving to learn and keep up with horse crazy girls and their hunger for knowledge.

Early Morning Horse Judging at the State competition

Early Morning Horse Judging at the State competition

Go to the following Link:

Enter Teacher’s Room code: 90d4597a

The Junior Exam is for kids 9+ and the senior exam for kids 14+  Feel free to try both!

Have fun, good luck and your results are safe with me. 🙂

Lisa-Marie Beckwith

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