Yesterday we had the opportunity to tour Kent Farrington’s barn and if you didn’t see his tack room, check it out here. After a tour of the main barn, Farrington took the media group across the canal through what he called his ‘Jurassic Park’ gates.

The second arena on Farrington's facility.

The second arena on Farrington’s facility.

When he first started riding Farrington wanted to be a steeplechase jockey, so when he designed his facility, a galloping track was a necessity. This is the perfect place for his horses to prepare during their off-season. There are also additional paddocks for his horses “to detox from a heavy competition schedule, as long as a second arena for training.”

This training section of the facility is more for Farrington’s horses that are currently in competition and the students he is training. The home base is located on 13-acres, split between the main farm and the training arena and paddocks.

Here’s part 2 of the barn tour followed by a Q&A with Kent