Many teenagers have begun to blog in their free time, but only a few of them can say that they have their own vlog – a video blog or channel on YouTube – with 15,000 subscribers! 15-year-old Grace Barnett has been working on her vlog since she was in seventh grade and it has turned her into somewhat of a celebrity on the YouTube airwaves.

Grace Barnett and Nelson

Grace Barnett and Nelson

Breaking into YouTube

In seventh grade, Grace and her friend began making videos in their backyards of the two of them jumping over trees. Once they stopped making the videos, Grace wanted to continue the channel. She got into the beauty films and mixes them together with her equine passion.

She gains her inspirations from looking at makeup videos, where she finds popular ways to edit videos. Grace also receives a lot of requests from her viewers on topics for her channel. “I try to cater to those, while staying away from things that vary from barn to barn. I have lots of international viewers so some things are different and I want to stay neutral.”

Grace posts 2 new videos per week, which vary

Grace discusses a wide variety of topics in her fun videos

Her viewers also like to hear about her progress and horse’s progress. They also give her recommendations of products she should try and vlog about. “It’s like talking to your friends. A lot of these people have been watching me for so long, it is really like talking to my friends.”

The teenager looks up to Lillie Keenan, like many other young equestrians. “The younger riders are great to watch. With social media, it is easy to follow the junior riders, see people that are close to your age riding professionally.”

Grace and Nelson pose for the camera

Grace and Nelson pose for the camera


Grace has been leasing a 14-year-old Thoroughbred named Nelson for the past three year. The pair has been working towards competing for some time, but have had to overcome a few hurdles along the way. Nelson was on stall rest last year, so this past year has been spent him getting back in shape. Grace’s goal for the spring is to compete in a few local hunter shows and get both back in the game.


IEA, or the Intercollegiate Equestrian Association has become a popular outlet for riders in high school. Grace is on her local IEA team and talks about the subject a lot, as most people do not know that much about it. “My viewers are younger and often don’t have their own horses, so it’s cool because people who didn’t know about it do because of my channel.”

Grace generally posts 2 new videos per week which topics range from how-tos, product reviews, helmet-cam riding videos and more. Here are a few of her videos.

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Follow Grace on YouTube, Twitter @gracebarnettt and Instagram @grace.barnett.