Just before the rolling commenced

Hi. I got a snow day today so I thought I’d take the time to check in with HJU. Snow is not actually a very bad thing for me. It makes my feet feel good, and it’s sure nice to roll in. So soft and feels like a pillow. I like to scratch my neck and wiggle my butt in it just long enough so that it feels good and as soon as it starts to bite from the cold, I jump up and buck a few times just in case anyone is watching.


I am pretending to be starving to death, having to paw through the snow for forage like wild ponies on the range.

Snow is really just a good excuse for show off my bucking skills, in my book. This must be done while Mom is watching of course, but you have to be quick enough to get the really spectacular moves done before she can pull off her gloves and fish her phone out of one of the inside pockets of the layers she is wearing. I usually can beat her – she is slow. She says it is because her fingers are little blocks of ice but I know that’s just an excuse. She doesn’t want any photographic evidence in case I forget sometime and buck her off when she is actually riding.


I think that is a bridle in her hand. Uh oh.

So all these lovely photos are of me being polite and decent. Ha ha. Anyone who knows me knows those two words are NOT the first to describe me! I am the only one in the barn now that has to have a chain over my nose for turnout. Sigh.

Snow is a good thing because I can usually squeeze more hay out of the humans because there is no grass to be seen out in the paddock. And the biggest plus of a snow day – no riding! At least, it doesn’t look like there is going to be any riding. Uh oh. I think I spoke too soon. Here she comes with a bridle!

Well, at least I got more hay!