Not gonna lie. Along with the rest of the world, I have a serious dressage crush on Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro. But I’ve been wondering recently—what’s next for her? Dujardin holds all three world-record scores in dressage Grand Prix, Grand Prix Special, and Grand Prix Freestyle, and has competed at the World Equestrian Games and the Olympics…all before the age of 30!

It might just be bringing a new horse to the top levels of dressage. This week Dujardin did a demonstration at the Danish Warmblood Young Horse Championship 2015, trying out 32 young dressage horses. One of them, caught on video with fascinating commentary, was a 5-year-old stallion named Tørveslettens Fifty-fifty.

Here’s what else she had to say about him:

“A lot of stallions that you ride, I find—they’re not always listening to you as a rider. They’re more worried about other things. You lose the concentration more, and the rideability. But this one, he feels really with you, really nice, sensitive, lovely in the contact.”

“A horse like this, I know—you half-half with the rein and touch him with the leg, and you’ll get passage.”

“I’m going longer than two minutes, I know. I’m sorry, I’m enjoying this one.”

“Ooh, I feel like I’ve won another medal!”


“I feel I could take this one home, definitely!”

“I’m definitely over my two minutes. I’m definitely in trouble. But do you know what, I don’t actually care!”

Commentator: You’re out of control now.

Charlotte: Yeah, Carl’s been saying that for the last nine years. He’s been trying his very hardest to make me under control, but it just hasn’t happened. I’ve got a mind of my own.


Fifty-fifty was just one of many young horses Charlotte wanted to take home, and one of the four that she rated a 10/10 for rideability and a 10/10 for potential. However, her overall favorite was the winning mare Fiontini.

“What a fantastic feeling. Amazing!” she gushed, “I’m so excited. It’s a really nice feeling. I’m going to definitely take this one home. If I could give her 11, I would give 11!”

Who knows if she’s found the next Valegro among the bunch…but any time I get to hear what’s going on in the mind of the dressage world’s reigning queen is a win in my book. I’ll be watching out for Fifty-Fifty and Fiontini to see what happens in their careers!

Just for kicks, here’s a look back to when Valegro (or ‘Blueberry,’ as he’s known around the barn) was around the same age.