Congratulations! After months of saving (or begging and pleading) you are now the owner of an herbivore with a death wish…I mean, a majestic equine to ride off into the sunset. Truth be told, the reality of buying a new horse is nothing like buying a new car. Not only do horses lack owners’ manuals, but they can have all kinds of “surprises” when they walk off the trailer at their new home…

Expectation: Horse has never taken a lame step in its life, so it should stay pretty sound, right?



Expectation: You’ll spend a month or two getting to know each other, then be ready for your first show!

Reality: Somehow in the space of a few months both you and the horse have forgotten how to go, stop and steer. If you had any money left, you would get emergency counseling to repair your relationship.

Expectation: Horse did well in the 1.30 m classes in Europe, so it should be a great teacher for a kid looking to get to that level.

Reality: That was with a professional…which the kid is not.

Expectation: You’ll budget X amount of money for the horse, X amount of money for the prepurchase, and X amount of money for new tack.

Reality: Shipping costs. Finder’s fees. A trunkful of liniments and lotions. A wardrobe of blankets. Tack is only the beginning.

 Expectation: You’ve found the perfect mount that checks off all the boxes on your list.

Reality: You forgot to put something basic like “stands tied” or “loads well” on your list.

Amistad getting in the trailer... on his way to the Olympics!

Photo by Pamela Nunn

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