Ready. Set. Jump!

Ready. Set. Jump! Sophie, age 6, at Vermont Summer Festival.

What do you do when it’s a gorgeous Spring day, you’ve finished with your homework and it’s the one day a week when you don’t have soccer and/or riding?

If you’re my daughter, you set up some jumps in the front yard and spend an hour pretending you’re a famous show jumper. She’s been doing this since she was little. I think she pictures herself as McLain Ward’s Rothchild, because they are both small and feisty and damn good jumpers.

I call this clip “The Jump-Off” as it’s clearly a shortened course. The fences are 3’9″ and 3’6″.  No big deal if you’re on a world class show jumper.  More of a big deal if you are a 5’2″ girl, albeit one with springs for legs.  “Don’t video!” she said to me. “I’m not at my maximum height.”  (In case you are wondering, so far that’s been just over 4′.)

What do you do when you’re bored with jumping the high stuff?  You start asking yourself some technical questions, of course.  Can you lengthen and shorten?  Are you quick enough with your legs?

Clearly it’s time to set up some gymnastics.  Jim Wofford would be proud.

 “The Bounce”

“Bounce to a One Stride”

“Going the Other Way”

Seriously, the kid never stops, bless her heart.  If she were a dog, she’d totally be a Jack Russell. No joke. She asked if I wanted to try a course or two.  Uh-uh. Nope. Taking a pass on that one.  The kid got me to do a cartwheel the other day and I damn near killed myself.

No thanks, kiddo. I choose life.  You jump, I’ll video.

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