Riding is a pursuit that can be hard to fit around a traditional 9-to-5 job. Just ask anyone with a less-than-forgiving sick day policy.

But we do it anyway even if the rest of the office doesn’t quite get it.

What Riders Say: “So how was little Timmy’s soccer game this weekend?”

What Riders Mean: “Please be brief so I can astound you with all the awesome things my horse and I did this weekend.”

What Riders Say: “A family emergency just came up. I might need to head out early.”

What Riders Mean: “I just finagled a last-minute trailer ride to go XC schooling.”

What Riders Say: “I have an appointment.”

What Riders Mean: “My horse has an appointment.”

What Riders Say: “Payday’s coming up!”

What Riders Mean: “So is my board bill, my farrier bill, and the payment on my vet bill!”

What Riders Say: “Traffic was really bad this morning.”

What Riders Mean: “Especially because I left the barn at the time I should have been arriving at work.”

What Riders Say (on a conference call): “I’ll get back to you with the exact figure.”

What Riders Mean (on a conference call): “Even if I could check my laptop while trailering my horse, there’s no internet for miles.”

What Riders Say: I was wondering if I could change my schedule around for this week.

What Riders Mean: Big Name Trainer is coming to town and it’s my only chance EVER to do a clinic with him/her.

What Riders Say: Ooh…sorry, can’t make it to happy hour tonight!

What Riders Mean: Or ever.

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