It was extremely exciting to have Charlotte Dujardin for a symposium and she is kinda funny and full of one liners.  So, what is she like?

Quotes on training:

“Add the suspension into the trot and an ugly horse can look special.”

“Ride every transition”

“Ride lots of transitions”

“You don’t need the whip, you learn to ride with your leg”

“You need a good walk and canter, the trot can be plain”

Funny one liners:

“I think your legs go on holiday”

“That mistake is called Slap the Rider, Pat the Horse”

“The horse can’t believe he made it out of first gear”

“You are going to thank me when you start getting 80%”

“Clap again so the horse can get used to it, practice for your prizing-giving ceremonies”

“Sit still, you look like you are doing the hokey pokey up there”

“Are you trying to get time faults on your dressage test by going so slow?”

“Go on, be brave”

“Pat your horse and tell him you love him”

“I could have fallen asleep it was so slow”

And that is just the beginning….