Charlotte at the clinic in BC (sorry, cell phone pic)

Charlotte at the clinic in BC (sorry, cell phone pic)

Day two of the Scott Hayes Productions Symposium featuring Charlotte Dujardin in British Columbia and there are even more gems of her wit and charm coming through.  Now, I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea that she is nasty.  On the contrary, she is very encouraging to the riders and engaging to watch as a clinician, getting lots of improvement out of each combination.

While riding she had a few good one liners:

” I just had lunch, so want to sit on a smooth one”

“You must eat a lot of spinach to ride this one”

“That was disgusting” she says to herself when there was a mistake

“I don’t know how you (the rider) did it ….. maybe you deserve one of my gold medals”

“He (the horse) is like a man, he wants what he wants but I want what I want and I will get my way”

“I will show you how to yee haw” and off she went…..

With some of the riders, we had some new one liners as well as a few from yesterday.  Here a few of the new ones:

“And you see, she has started again on her easy side”

“Do you use your legs up there?”

“move those legs”

“That’s not go”

“Shorten your reins, put your hands forward.  You like to ride with washing lines”

“We are meant to be doing some dressage here, not a rodeo”

“We could sell you as a stunt rider, well done.”

and to sum it all up….. as Charlotte says “Well, you got your entertainment today!”

Cheerio and Crack on!

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