Gracie enjoying Spring grass . . . 3+ weeks to go!

Gracie enjoying Spring grass . . . 3+ weeks to go!

I’m sure you have all been wondering how my foal adventure has been going…really? You forgot all about Wellington Wren, aka ‘Gracie’ and her ‘A Fine Romance’ foal? That’s okay, we had a pretty uneventful winter. Actually in Alberta we had a great winter for a pregnant mare. Very little snow, and quite moderate temperatures for a Canadian winter – compared to other parts of North America we were pretty lucky!

The grass is turning green, and Gracie is definitely at the ‘beached whale’ stage – shhhh, don’t tell her, she still comes running in for her morning feed and bosses the other mare and gelding around. Preparations are nearing completion – we have replaced some barbwire fencing with electric braid, our open barn concept has been set up with a paneled outside area, and bedding has been purchased.

Gracie is going to the vet clinic to foal. It is a reproduction clinic and they are well set up for first time mares and owners!  I just don’t feel comfortable foaling at home, though knowing my mare, she won’t clue me in to when she is going to foal and I will check her one morning, and there the new foal will be here.  To say I’m nervous and excited is an understatement!  A lot of my non-horsey friends are trying to be supportive of my becoming a ‘grandmare’ but I’m not sure they really understand and truth be told they are probably thinking an eleven month gestation is about 10 months too long!

Well, the foaling date is within sight now – May 30 – fingers crossed all goes well!

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